How Can Solar Panels Help the Environment?

Did you know you could produce your own electricity at home using just the sun?

Yes, really! Solar panels allow you to generate electricity and save up on your utility bill. But that’s not all because the advantages of solar power actually extend to the entire community. Solar benefits impact the environment and in the best way. You see, unlike the traditional electricity production methods, solar panel installation does not harm the environment, as least nowhere near as badly. Hence, you can save up and make a difference- talk about win-win!

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How Can Solar Panels Help the Environment?

As we said, solar panel installation can be great for the environment since it is a renewable resource. Traditional electricity production uses many thousands of liters of water annually. You need water to cool generators, process and refine fossil fuels, and even to transport and supply electric power. However, things are different with a solar panel system- you don’t need water at all except maybe for cleaning your solar panels every once in a while. All you need is some of Tampa’s abundant sunshine and a solar panel system from Blue Energy Solar to produce your own electricity without harming the environment in any way.

What’s more, solar benefits include reducing air pollution because, unlike conventional electricity production, generating electric power through solar panels does not release any harmful emissions, thus greatly improving the quality of the air we breathe. Also, solar panel installation indirectly reduces the risk of bronchitis, asthma and allergies, headaches, pneumonia, heart attacks, anxiety, and even certain types of cancer. Therefore, by opting for solar panel installation in Tampa, you are effectively improving local community conditions.

In addition to this, the drastic effects of greenhouse gases produced through burning fossil fuels for energy are well-known. We know that our earth is getting hotter and hotter due to these toxic gases, and also that it has been linked to the increased incidence of natural calamities like cyclones, flooding, storms, drought, and extreme heat over the years. However, there’s not much we can do about it, right? Actually, wrong. You can invest in a solar panel system here to play your part in making the world a better place. Not to mention, sunshine is abundant in cities like Jacksonville and Bradenton, so it only makes sense to put it to good use. Right?

Solar Panels vs. Fossil Fuels

When we say solar panels can help save the environment, we really mean it. You see, traditionally, fossil fuels like coal and natural gas are burned to produce electricity, and it’s not exactly the greenest of processes. When comparing solar panels vs. fossil fuels, there is the obvious fact that solar power is renewable while fossil fuels are finite and will not last forever. Hence, we already need a substitute energy source to meet our energy requirements. Not to mention, solar energy is clean, green, and quite easily accessible, especially considering the sunshine supply in states like Florida. In fact, some studies have estimated that just one hour of sunlight exposure can generate enough power to run the entire world for a whole year.

The only real con to solar panel installation is probably the fact that it is quite costly. However, the government even offers solar tax credits and rebates to make the technology more accessible. Nevertheless, if you’re still not siding with solar panels in the solar panels vs. fossil fuels debate yet, we still have a few cards up our sleeve. So, just read on for a complete comparison of solar panels vs. fossil fuels, and decide for yourself if solar panels are worth it or not.

#1 Solar is Super Cheap

Contrary to popular belief, solar energy produces electricity at a much cheaper rate than fossil fuels. In fact, the only cost is the solar panel installation, after which you can enjoy at least 20 to 30 years of free electricity and thus, save up big time. Moreover, solar panels are a relatively new technology, and so we can expect further improvements in efficiency over time. This means that the advantages of solar power are set to increase further as the prices decrease even more.

So much so, experts have predicted that the rate of solar-generated electricity is likely to fall to around half the price of fossil fuels. Not to mention, the operating costs for fossil fuels already outweigh that of solar panels. Plus, solar panels are more easily manufactured and installed. And of course, once you’ve paid for the upfront installation costs, you can practically use the panels for free since they require little to no maintenance. On the other hand, fossil fuels require massive, often quite expensive, equipment to produce electricity, refine it and supply it to consumers. Hence, solar panel systems will continue to be better so long as they don’t start taxing sun exposure.

#2 Solar is Renewable & Reliable

The thing about electricity is that prices tend to fluctuate. And more often than not, this causes a price spike that hits hard on your wallet. Traditional utility companies will only go higher with their prices, especially as fossil fuels become scarcer and valuable. You see, fossil fuels are non-renewable, so once you’ve used them up, that’s just about it. You won’t get any more. And so, there is only so much electricity we can produce before we exhaust the earth’s supply of fossil fuels and just run out of electricity. But not if we can help it! Go get your solar panel estimate here, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating prices or running out of fossil fuels.

#3 Solar is Cleaner

Fossil fuels burn to release various harmful and often toxic greenhouse gases. However, that’s another problem avoided by solar panel systems. With solar panels in Florida, you can be sure that you will always have access to clean, sustainable energy. Also, you can ensure that your future generations will still have a planet to live on. Because honestly, there is only so much of the earth we can exploit. Instead of blaming ‘human activities’ for environmental damage, maybe it’s time we start taking responsibility and owning up to our crimes. Sure, we can’t reverse years of damage overnight, but we can make better choices like opting for solar panels to help save the environment. So, head on over here and get a reliable solar panel estimate for your home and/or office.

#4 Solar is Profitable

Yes, you heard it right! You can make money with solar panels. You see, solar panels in Jacksonville and other high sun exposure cities can produce a lot more electricity than you could use on your own. But instead of going to waste, this energy goes to the grid. And hence, you can actually sell all the excess energy to the government.

Additionally, solar panels can even increase your property’s resale value. Potential buyers won’t have to go through the hassle of getting solar panels installed, and thus, they will be willing to pay more for it. So, if you’re asking, ‘are solar panels worth it?’ You should know that potential buyers will pay up to 15000 dollars more for a home with a solar panel roof. And this comes without an increase in tax, in most states at least. Contrary to this, fossil fuels keep using your money. So, what’s stopping you from finally switching?

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Going Solar

Getting a solar panel roof can drastically reduce your carbon footprint since solar benefits include effectively reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. In fact, for every megawatt-hour of solar power you use, you can reduce your carbon footprint by almost half to one tonne. There, even investing in a very small solar panel roof system, you can expect to have a reasonable effect on the environment and community at large. Even the government is encouraging solar panel installation, and thus, as a responsible American citizen, you should do what’s best for everyone and get your very own solar panels system installed today!

What’s the Takeaway?

Solar panels can help the environment because, unlike fossil fuels, they don’t generate any nasty greenhouse emissions or use up a lot of water. Thus, something as simple as investing in a solar panel roof can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, if you act now, you can even benefit from the government’s solar tax credits and rebates and thus, make the most of your solar panel installation. And really, there are no two things about this because for one, fossil fuels will not last forever, and two, it’s about time we take responsibility for the damage we’ve inflicted on the environment. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before we all have to shift to solar panel systems. So, why wait?

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