Solar Panels Fernandina Beach – Help the Environment by Eliminating Your Carbon Footprint

Homeowners of Fernandina Beach live in a city that is blessed with sunny weather all year round. The northernmost city of Florida is situated on Amelia Island and is a principal municipality that comprises Greater Jacksonville. If you live in Fernandina Beach, Florida and are interested in solar energy, you have come to the right place. 

Making the decision to switch to solar requires great consideration. However, it is well worth the cost. Installing solar panels is always a good idea even if you do not spend a lot of money on electricity. Since energy costs are only likely to rise, it is crucial that you safeguard yourself by going solar. Fossil fuels will eventually run out. Hence, it is in your best interests to invest in alternative energy. 

Green Energy

The transition to solar power should be on the top of your mind. As a global citizen, you must play your part in protecting the environment. Using green energy is the perfect place to start. The government of Florida is concerned about the environment and is offering subsidies to homeowners to help them switch to solar energy. Currently, there are already 81,000 solar panel installations in the sunshine state and the number will only exceed more than 100,000. 

Net-zero carbon emissions are a reality that you can achieve by switching to solar panels as your primary energy source. There is a huge demand for solar panels in Fernandina Beach. Residents of Fernandina Beach, Amelia City, and Franklinton are working towards going green. There is no reason for you to believe that you cannot bring about change. Florida boasts 244 days of sunshine annually which makes installing solar panels in your home the best decision. 

Take advantage of the sunshine by ensuring solar panel installation Fernandina Beach. It will ensure that your home is powered without having to purchase electricity from the power grid. All you need to ensure a steady supply of energy during the night is a backup battery. Clean energy is the future. It enables us to conserve the environment. Eliminate your carbon footprint now by installing solar panels. The last thing that you should do is heat up the planet. Instead, you should utilize the sunshine to produce energy and give back to the power grid. 

Forget About Unpredictable Energy Bills

The truth is that nobody likes paying their utility bills. When you install residential solar panels Fernandina Beach, you not only get to make an impact, but you also get to put an end to unpredictable energy bills every month. Since summer in Florida requires you to switch the air conditioning, you could really use solar panels to cut down your energy consumption. Bluenergy regularly helps residents and businesses of Fernandina Beach with solar panel installation. We want to be the reason why you get to relax throughout the year. 

As energy costs continue to increase, you must install solar panels to safeguard yourself. Having installed countless solar panels, we have the experience needed to get your solar panels up and running. We equip our clients with everything they need to enjoy energy savings. 

Increase in Property Value

Anyone who invests in residential solar panels Fernandina Beach or commercial solar panels Fernandina Beach will be delighted to know that the decision will allow them to benefit from an increase in property value. According to the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and the renowned Berkeley Laboratory, the installation of solar panels provides $20 in return for each dollar spent. After your property has solar panels installed, it would fetch a better price in the market when compared to properties that do not have any solar panels. 

Even if you decide to sell the property in the future once the residential solar Fernandina Beach or commercial solar panels Fernandina Beach have been installed, you can rest assured knowing that the property would spend a fraction of time in the market. In fact, it will be sold in minimal time. With Bluenergy by your side, the installation of solar panels is a walk in the park. Let us work together to help protect the environment. Your investment is safe when you hire us.  

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

Installing solar panels in your home or office might seem costly. However, you have nothing to worry about since installing a solar panel roof Fernandina Beach is possible with the help of solar tax credit. Making the switch to solar energy just got a whole lot easier with The Federal Solar Tax Credit. It offers an incentive to those interested in installing solar panels. The solar tax credit allows you to benefit from a reduction in solar panel installation cost Fernandina Beach. Thus, the solar panel price Fernandina Beach is affordable.

Expect a tax credit of up to 26% on the cost of solar panels. You will receive a 26% cashback on the amount of money you spend on the solar panels in the form of a tax credit. Even if you do not avail the credit during the first year, you still have the option to use it the next year. 

Sales Tax Exemption

Residents of Fernandina Beach get to benefit from sales tax exemption as they are located in the state of Florida. This makes solar panel installation in Fernandina Beach worth it. Not only can you expect to avoid sales tax, but you also get to benefit from cost reduction. Hire Bluenergy for residential or commercial solar panel installation as we ensure that get cashback from the government and exemption from sales tax. 

Net Metering

If you want net metering, it is possible when you install solar panels in your home. It will allow you to sell excess power that has been generated by the solar panels to an energy company. This means that you get to give back to the grid and expect to be credited back. Hence, electricity bills will no longer prove to be a problem for you. When the weather gets cloudy, you would still not need to pay anything as the credits should suffice. 

Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans

Anyone who is interested in installing solar panels but is unable to afford the cost upfront can seek a Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy Loan. It will cover the entire cost of the solar panel installation. Energy-efficient improvements can be sought through the loan. As the program can finance up to 100% of the installation cost, you do not have to pay a dime initially. Applying for the loan is easy. It takes your stress away as you would not need to pay upfront for the solar panel installation Fernandina Beach.

As a Florida resident, you get to harness solar energy without having to make any payment initially. Instead, you will get to repay the cost over time. Since the loan is associated with the property and not an individual, it would be repaid through property tax payments. 

The Florida Solar Rights Act

The government of Florida has enacted The Florida Solar Rights Act to forbid any binding agreement that prevents homeowners from installing solar panels on their property. This means that no housing authority can forbid you from solar panel installation Fernandina Beach. Homeowners get to proceed with the installation without dealing with anyone. Bluenergy is committing to upholding the rights of homeowners. 

Protection from Outages in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Outages in Fernandina Beach are not rare. This is why it makes sense to install solar panels on your property. It will ensure that you are able to access energy even if the entire city experiences an outage. Since the state of Florida is prone to natural disasters, you can truly benefit from solar panels. Installation of solar panels will protect your energy supply at all times. Thus, you will continue to receive electricity. Bluenergy is here to help you out every step of the way. We will even set up the solar panel battery backup so that you can protect yourself from an outage in Fernandina Beach. 

A battery backup system is necessary after the solar panels have been installed. It will keep the property illuminated at all times. Solar power is the only you can deal with outages. Besides, there are incentives in place that will only further encourage you to install solar panels at your property. But, these incentives are not going to be available forever which is why you must act now.  

Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Company in Fernandina Beach

Ranked as the top solar panel installers near me in Fernandina Beach, Bluenergy is the best option. We not only safeguard your investment, but work tirelessly to provide you the ultimate service. As our team has helped countless clients, our company should be on the top of your mind. 

Highly Experienced

Residents of Fernandina Beach choose Bluenergy for all their solar panel installation needs as they know that we are highly experienced. The following are some of the nearby neighborhoods where we have installed solar panels. 

  • Franklinton
  • American Beach
  • O’Neil
  • City Center
  • Old Fernandina
  • S Fletcher Ave 

Perform Energy Audit

Solar panel installation is a huge decision. This is why our team conducts an energy audit initially to provide suggestions based on facts. We want to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. The energy audit provides us with all the information we need about the property and your needs. Thus, we can provide the best solution to you. 

Full-Service Solar Panel Installation Company

Bluenergy is a full-service solar panel installation company that does not miss a single detail and is dedicated to providing the best service. We handle each aspect of the installation and activation, from initial consulting to net-metering to seeking tax exemption. When you hire us, you would not need to do anything at all. We cover just about everything so that you can sit back and relax. Our master print will contain every step. 

Free Estimate

Being a contractor company, we offer a no-obligation estimate to our valued clients. We will inspect your property to evaluate your needs and determine the right solar solution. As we do not use any high-pressure sales technique, you have nothing to worry about. There are no hidden charges as we are transparent about every cost. Thus, you can never go wrong with Bluenergy. 

Hire Bluenergy for Solar Panels Fernandina Beach

Now that you know everything about solar panel installation Fernandina Beach, it is time that you picked up the phone and contacted us. Our customer support representative will take it from there. Clean energy is a possibility that you should not ignore. Let us help you cut down your electric power emissions for good. Hiring the best solar panels installation company is the best decision that one can make. Hence, you just need to give us a call for the best solar panels Fernandina Beach. 

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