Why Is It More Affordable to Get Solar Panels Installed?

Solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity. And if you don’t think that’s special, think of it this way- how much would you save if you didn’t have to pay for electricity all the time?

No, we’re not kidding- you can totally do that with a solar panel system! But we know what you’re thinking, solar panels cost a lot, right? But no, they don’t, and they can help you seriously cut down on your electricity costs. You can get an estimate right here. And yes, this might come as a surprise if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of solar panels. But don’t worry, we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about a solar panel system. How do solar panels work? Why buy solar panels? Do solar panels increase home value? How much do solar panels cost? Which solar panels are the best? And are solar panels worth it? Read on to find all the answers!

Why Are People Going Solar?

The are plenty of advantages of solar power, and thus, it’s no surprise that roofs with solar panels have become a very common sight. Despite being very affordable, the advantages of solar power extend from decreased cost, roof protection, free electricity to even environmental benefits. Solar panels roofs are protected from harsh weather and severe temperatures. Also, if you’re wondering, ‘do solar panels increase home value?’, the answer is yes. Buyers prefer houses with solar panel roofs because that means they won’t have to go through the trouble of solar panels installation

Moreover, you’ll be pleased to know that a typical solar panel system can reduce around three to four tons of carbon emissions, the same as planting 100 trees annually. And all these advantages of solar power come at no additional maintenance cost. So, instead of asking ‘are solar panels worth it?’, maybe let’s start asking ‘which solar panels are the best?’ And the simple answer, of course, is Blue Energy Solar.

What Do Solar Panels Cost and Are they Worth It?

According to the Center for Sustainable Energy, on average, solar panels installation would cost around 15 to 25 thousand dollars. The cost of solar panels is very reasonable considering the overall solar panel pros and cons. Plus, solar benefits definitely outweigh the solar panels vs. electricity debate. However, the answer to ‘are solar panels worth it?’ can vary depending on your specific situation. A few things to consider are as follows:

Cost of Solar Panels

Solar benefits are great, but before investing in a solar panel system, you should consider all the solar panel pros and cons in your specific situation. But guess what? We’ve outlined all the things you need to consider before opting for solar panel installation.

#1 Review Your Electric Bill

Solar panels run on renewable energy, aka the sunlight. This means you no longer have to worry about your electricity bill. The difference in the cost of solar panels vs. electricity is enormous, and though they can’t eliminate your electric bills overnight, you will definitely benefit from the switch. In fact, even though it might seem like solar panel installation is expensive, you can actually save a ton in the long term- so solar panels in Jacksonville are 100% worth it.

#2 Evaluate Your Sunlight Exposure

Now, while solar benefits are almost unreal, you need to consider your area’s sunlight exposure. Do you get enough sunlight to power your solar panel system? Because if not, then you won’t really benefit a lot from it. However, you’ll be glad to know that solar panels in Florida are not only worth it but very efficient. You can easily power your solar panels in Orlando and cut down electricity costs.

#3 Estimate Solar Panel Cost 

Another thing to consider before installing a solar panel roof is the installation cost. As we said, solar panels are pretty reasonable given the countless advantages of solar power. Nevertheless, you should use the solar calculator here to get a rough estimate of the upfront cost. The general cost would be somewhere between 15,000 and 25,000 dollars, before tax credits and incentives. But you will need to determine your own energy usage from your electric bill, to calculate how much solar panels installation in Tampa will cost you.

#4 Search for Incentives

Luckily though, the government offers specific incentives for solar panels in a bid to encourage renewable energy usage. In fact, the federal tax credit allows taxpaying citizens to claim almost 26% of the costs. Depending on your state, you could benefit from several incentives, so it’s worth checking out the different options available to you.

You can potentially opt for property or tax exemption, cashback, expedited permits, and waived fees, among other incentives. Therefore, your solar panel installation job in Orlando would be even more affordable. Nevertheless, these incentives might not stick around forever because the government is merely trying to encourage using renewable energy instead of electricity. Thus, as solar panels are becoming more common, the government might also reduce the available incentives, so there is really no use waiting around. Get your solar panels here from the #1 residential company in Jacksonville while you can easily afford them.

#5 Pay Attention to Trade Policy

Government policies naturally affect prices. For instance, former President Trump levied a 4-year tariff on solar panels and cells in 2018, valid till February 2022. Plus, the tariff rate was increased by 3% in 2020. Therefore, you should pay attention to government policies to know how much solar power panels cost in Floria. And then, you can compare the solar panel pros and cons to determine if you should opt for solar panel roofs.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

We have already discussed almost all of the advantages of solar panels, and thus, it is pretty clear that the advantages of solar power outweigh any cons. Solar panels are good for the environment, your wallet, and even your roof. And come on, what more could you want? Unlike the electric bills you have to pay regularly, solar panel systems require little to no maintenance. Plus, Florida is notorious as the “Sunshine State,” so it obviously receives enough sunlight to power a solar panel. Still, the biggest flex is that solar panels are super affordable, especially in the long term. So, not only are solar panels 100% worth it, but you will also be able to save a lot of money by replacing electricity with solar power. So, what’s stopping you? Get your solar panel roof and start saving today!

Decreased Cost of Solar Panels

In order to understand how solar panels decrease cost, let’s look into Swanson’s Law. You see, solar power technology has been around for many years. It is a well-known fact that all our energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Hence, it was only logical to try and use the sun to produce electric power. Nevertheless, it has only been a few years or so that photovoltaics has really exploded as a renewable energy resource. The main factors influencing growth are improvements in solar panel efficiency and solar panel cost. The first solar cells were invented sometime around the 1800s, but we’ve come a really long way since then. 

Solar cells of the past were not nearly as efficient, and thus, admittedly very costly. However, we soon progressed to silicon solar panels, and now PV tech-operated cells that are a whopping 30% efficient and also very cost-effective. These highly efficient panels can produce around 25% more electricity, and scientists are still working to increase efficiency. So much so, some lab tests have managed to achieve nearly 46% efficiency. These, though, are typically more expensive.

Over the years, solar panels have become a lot more affordable than they used to be. This is because, with increasing efficiency, the procedures involved in manufacturing solar panels and cells have also become highly efficient, thus cutting costs dramatically. From around 8 dollars a decade ago, solar panels cost only about 3 dollars per watt today.

What’s more, these prices are expected to continue dropping in the near future. As per Swanson’s Law, new industries tend to improve over time, and consequently, they may experience a significant drop in prices. This pretty much sums up the decrease in solar panel costs and how they can help you save up. Therefore, like other homeowners, you should also rush to get your solar panel systems installed while they are affordable. So, give your wallet a break and invest in solar panel technology because we’re not kidding when we say it’s the future of energy.

The Bottomline

Solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity which means you can officially say goodbye to those elaborate electric bills. And though, at first glance, it might seem like solar panels cost a lot, we can guarantee that the solar benefits definitely make up for it. Plus, you can actually save money in the long run. And for a state like Florida, it only makes sense to have solar panel roofs to put all that sunshine to good use. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over here and get affordable solar panel systems installed in your home today!

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